Our Works

We take pride in providing top-notch services to our clients, and our gallery serves as a visual representation of our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Technologies and Equipments We Use

Red Raptors utilize a wide range of advanced equipment and technologies for demolition and excavation projects. This included excavators, power tools, machines, and more to ensure efficient and safe completion of various demolition tasks.

Case Excavator - 15 tonne

Durable hydraulic system, advanced safety features, and a comfortable cab, this excavator ensures efficient and safe operation, making it a crucial asset for handling heavy-duty demolition tasks.

Hitachi Excavator - 5.5 tonne

This compact yet powerful excavator is designed to work effectively in tight spaces, offering exceptional performance on different job sites. Its smart design and powerful capabilities make it an indispensable tool for executing demolition tasks.

Milwaukee Power Tools

Milwaukee Power tools are Known for their industry-leading innovation and durability, essential for various tasks, including drilling, fastening, cutting, and other applications.

STIHL Cutquik Cut-Off Saw & STIHL Chainsaw

These high-quality and reliable tools are used for cutting concrete, metal, and other materials.

Hilti Jack Hammer

This hammer demolishes concrete and other materials. This durable and reliable tool, equipped with advanced features, ensures efficient and precise demolition

Safety Precautions in Red Raptors

Our safety protocol for demolition and excavation projects includes creating a detailed plan, conducting site surveys, providing proper training and equipment, controlling dust and debris, monitoring the weather, and ensuring environmental safety. Managing waste, regular inspections, and adherence to safety standards are crucial for a safe working environment.